Behavior and Personality Assessment in Dogs – BPH

What does BPH mean and how does it work?

BPH stands for Behavior and Personality Description Dog and is designed to suit all dogs. BPH is not a test where you and the dog can do right or wrong, but only a description of your particular dog. It is done on the dog’s terms and it makes absolutely no difference if it gets a frenzy of joy and runs a madrace on the track, as, for example, happy Poppy does in our BPH film.

The description, which consists of eight different stages, takes about 30-45 minutes and you and your dog walk the course together with a test leader as support. The test leader informs you all the time before the various stages, so you can calmly just listen. The moments can be playing, working to get food, encountering surprises, etc and aim to see how your dog handles different situations.

Over the years, Podengo Friends Sweden has booked close to 20 BPH places for Podengo friends around the country, we dare to promise that there have been many positive surprises and proud owners. In Podengo Friends Magazine No 1-2019 you will find comments from some of those who did BPH 2018.

If you also want to do BPH with your dog, SKK has a good list of BPH organizers around the country that you can contact. Mixed breeds are also welcome to do BPH, but then need to obtain a competition license from SKK.

Below, we have put together a small film where we briefly show podengos in the various BPH moments.

You can read more about the the partial moments in Podengo Friends Magazine No 1-2019

Here are some of the BPH participants