This is Podengo Friends

Friendship, joy and cooperation

Podengo Friends Sweden is a private Facebookgroup for those of us who have a Podengo Portuguese, or for those of you who are considering getting the breed and want to learn more about it. The group was started with the aim of spreading friendship, joy and cooperation between us who own and love this dog breed. This through a humble attitude in the group as well as podengo walks and other activities that are organised. We also hope to be able to pass on some tips, advice and information about the breed, in the group there is a lot of knowledge and experience from both the breeders and podengo owners who are members of the group.

On the Facebookpage the Podengo friends in the group are warmly welcome to write posts, share pictures, stories, questions, tips, etc about the breed. You who make a request to join the group must answer a few questions before deciding on admission, this is because, among other things, we want to protect the group page and its members from SPAM/viruses, frivolous requests, advertising, etc. You will receive the questions via Messenger, so keep an eye out there when you have applied to join. When you have been admitted, we want you to start by reading and following the information and policy for the group below.

With Podengo Friends, our ambition and purpose is to spread friendship, joy and cooperation between us podengo owners. We have a humble, friendly and supportive attitude and do not accept posts that are condescending, masterful, sarcastic or similar, these we reserve the right to remove immediately. We also reserve the right to welcome, or exclude, members through a dialogue and assessment we make based on the group’s purpose. We welcome pictures and posts from both breeders and us ”ordinary” podengo owners, and have no ban on purebred litters or relocations being shown on our Facebook or website.

Podengo Friends Sweden is a closed group so that those who are part of the group feel safe sharing their photos, ”venting”, asking for help, asking for advice, etc without this spreading, hence it is NOT allowed to share, copy or spread posts, images and comments outside the group without approval from the admin and/or affected persons. We are a private and independent group that has had close cooperation with the Swedish Podengo Português Club for many years. Podengo Friends Sweden operates via its own Facebook and website. Companies wishing to advertise on the site must first contact the admin for approval. However, it is ok for the group’s members to give a tip about dog shops, dog/owner courses, dog activities and so on, or put their private dog things up for sale.

Under the tab Podengo Friends Team you can read more about us in the team.